vuepack下载 - 一款Vue 2,Vuex,Vue-router和Webpack 2(或者是Electron)的现代构建器

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vuepack一款Vue 2,Vuex,Vue-router和Webpack 2(或者是Electron)的现代构建器。

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VuePack is a modern Vue.js starter
which uses Vue 2, Vuex, Vue-router and Webpack 2.


I highly recommend you to try Poi, you can develop Vue.js app with no-config until you need it. Less boilerplate code, more happiness??

Here's the plan for VuePack 4.0, you can support my work by donating or joining the development.


Check out the docs for more usages.

Get Started

You'd better have node >=4 and npm >=3 installed:


This template can be used with sao, which also means you can use the template offline:

npm i -g sao jstransformer-handlebars
# from npm
sao vuepack new-project
# or git repo
sao egoist/vuepack new-project


npm i -g @vue/cli @vue/cli-init
vue init egoist/vuepack

For Windows users

Install git with unix tools before getting started.

Folder Structure

If you did not enable Electron support, the dest folder is ./dist, otherwise it's ./app/dist.

./app folder only exists when you enabled Electron support.

├── app             # the actual app you want to bundle with Electron
│    ├── dist       # directory which contains all bundled files
│    └── index.js   # entry file for Electron
├── build           # webpack configs and other scripts
├── client          # client-side app files
├── dist            # bundled files and index.html
│    ├── index.html
│    └── [...other bundled files]  
├── tests           # e2e tests written by testcafe 
├── node_modules    # dependencies
└── package.json    # package info

Custom template

You want to customize the output of index.html, simply modify index.html, see more at html-webpack-plugin.