PJ Blog下载 - PJ Blog是一款基于 Laravel 和 Vue.js开发的开源博客系统

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PJ Blog是一款基于 Laravel 和 Vue.js开发的开源博客系统

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Powered By Jiajian Chan

 PJ Blog是一款基于 Laravel 和 Vue.js开发的开源博客系统. https://pigjian.com


This is a powerful blog, I try to build the blog more beautiful, more convenient.

Laravel 5.* and Vuejs 2.* combined with the establishment of a good response and quickly dashboard, the dashboard made through the Vuejs component development.

I believe it will be better and better. If you are interested in this, you can join and enjoy it.

Here is 文档



  • 用户、文字、媒体管理

  • 数据统计

  • 文章分类

  • 标签分类

  • 内容审核

  • 评论系统

  • 多语言

  • Markdown编辑器

  • 角色权限

  • and more...

PJ Blog Laravel 5.*


  • PHP >= 7.1.0

  • Node >= 6.x

  • OpenSSL PHP Extension

  • PDO PHP Extension

  • Mbstring PHP Extension

  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

  • XML PHP Extension


New Blog

New Blog


1. Clone the source code or create new project.

git clone https://github.com/jcc/blog.git


composer create-project jcc/blog

2. 配置

cp .env.example .env

Edit the .env file and set the database and other config for the system after you copy the .env.example file.

2. 安装扩展和依赖

Install the Laravel extended repositories:

composer install -vvv

Install the Vuejs extended repositories:

npm install

Compile the js code:

npm run dev

// OR

npm run watch

// OR

npm run production

3. 运行

php artisan blog:install