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  1. Introduction

  2. Documentation

  3. Requirements

  4. Installation & Configuration

  5. License

  6. Security Vulnerabilities

  7. Miscellaneous


Bagisto is a hand tailored E-Commerce framework built on some of the hottest opensource technologies such as Laravel (a PHP framework) and Vue.jsa progressive Javascript framework.

Bagisto can help you to cut down your time, cost, and workforce for building online stores or migrating from physical stores to the ever demanding online world. Your business -- whether small or huge -- can benefit. And it's very simple to set it up.

Read our documentation: Bagisto Docs

We also have a forum for any type of concerns, feature requests, or discussions. Please visit: Bagisto Forums

It packs in lots of features that will allow your E-Commerce business to scale in no time:

  • Multiple Channels, Locale, Currencies.

  • Built-in Access Control Layer.

  • Beautiful and Responsive Storefront.

  • Descriptive and Simple Admin Panel.

  • Admin Dashboard.

  • Custom Attributes.

  • Built on Modular Approach.

  • Support for Multiple Store Themes.

  • Multistore Inventory System.

  • Orders Management System.

  • Customer Cart, Wishlist, Product Reviews.

  • Simple and Configurable Products.

  • Price rules (Discount) inbuilt.

  • CMS Pages.

  • Check out these features and more.

For Developers: Take advantage of two of the hottest frameworks used in this project -- Laravel and Vue.js -- both of which have been used in Bagisto.


Bagisto Documentation


  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or higher / Windows 7 or Higher (WampServer / XAMPP).

  • SERVER: Apache 2 or NGINX.

  • RAM: 3 GB or higher.

  • PHP: 7.2.0 or higher.

  • Processor: Clock Cycle 1 Ghz or higher.

  • For MySQL users: 5.7.23 or higher.

  • For MariaDB users: 10.2.7 or Higher.

  • Node: 8.11.3 LTS or higher.

  • Composer: 1.6.5 or higher.

Installation and Configuration

1. Try our new GUI installer to install Bagisto:

a. Download zip from the link below:


b. Extract the contents of zip and execute the project in your browser:



2. Try our old fashioned way to install Bagisto:

Execute these commands below, in order
1. composer create-project bagisto/bagisto

Now, configure your database:

If the above command was completed successfully, then you'll find directory bagisto with all of the code inside it.

Find file .env inside bagisto directory and set the environment variables listed below:








Mailer environment variables are also required to be set up. This is because Bagisto needs to send emails to customers and admins depending on what events require notification.

2. php artisan migrate 3. php artisan db:seed 4. php artisan vendor:publish -> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations. 5. php artisan storage:link 6. composer dump-autoload

To execute Bagisto:

On server:

Warning: Before going into production mode we recommend you uninstall developer dependencies. In order to do that, run the command below:

composer install --no-dev

Open the specified entry point in your hosts file in your browser or make an entry in hosts file if not done.
On local:
php artisan serve

How to log in as admin:

http(s):// password:admin123

How to log in as customer:

You can directly register as customer and then login.



Bagisto is a truly opensource E-Commerce framework which will always be free under the MIT License.